Bonnie Dobson’s Got that Work!

March 13, 2005

It’s my first post in quite a while and I thought I’d come with some shit that would remind Serg exactly how soft I am. So, here goes.

So, my main man Tom Servo from my crew Doomtree out in Minneapolis put me up on this record on my recent trip out there. Trusty old describes Miss Bonnie Dobson as “a minor performer of the 1960s folk revival, [who] will be forever known (if she’s even known at all) as the author of ‘Morning Dew,’ a moving ballad about the threat of nuclear devastation.” I’m not up on “Morning Dew” and it’s not my mission to put any of you up on it but, instead, I’ve posted a couple song from her “Good Morning Rain” album that came out in 1970. Some of you record nerds might recognize it as some shit that Dan the Automator sampled several times, but fuck it, who cares? To me, it’s just some pretty ass music. She’s got a lofty voice that really doesn’t seem to have much range, but the record is produced quite well with the basslines bumping real loud and her rather limited voice still fits in nicely and seems to sit well in the mix. Yeah, of course, the lyrics are terrible, corny, lovey-dubby crap, Miss Dobson has a bit of an obsession with songs about honey (see titles below), and these tracks are obviously not very drum driven, but all that shit aside, these songs still get banged regularly.


Bonnie Dobson “Light of Love”

Bonnie Dobson “Milk and Honey”

Bonnie Dobson “Taste of Honey”

And now for something completely different… This has nothing to do with Miss Dobson, but here’s a completely random blend of Ramsey Lewis “Julia” vs Ghostface and Jada’s “Run.” It’s silly and certainly not perfect, but fun anyway for those of you who are into that sorta thing.

Ramsey Lewis “Julia” vs Ghostface “Run”


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