Pitbull – Toma

Pitbull, Jessy Terrero and Lil Jon on the set of the video for “Toma”

Busy production by Lil Jon, nothing minimal like his crunk’n’b singles. Ridiculous rhythmic bounce that sounds almost like “What You Gon’ Do” sped up and resyncopated. Its sweaty club grind with bastardized origins, space-age synths and textures that still manage to sound beautifully dirty and grimey. Dancehall rhythms, miami bass bounce, even a hint of bhangra melodies nitpicked from Timbaland and Pitbull’s dirty growl on top. Between Youngbloodz and Ying Yang Twins and Trillville and Lil Scrappy and Pitbull and his crunk’n’b singles and his own work, it’s amazing the depth of Lil Jon’s penetration of hip-hop right now, and how diverse his sounds and influences are. These aren’t fashionable interpretations of “world” musics; it’s as if he literally restructures bass tracks from the ground up, treating bass music as a skeleton for recreating his favorite songs.

Buy this album here.

Ying Yang Twins are reportedly recording a new album as we speak.
Check out SFJ’s review of the mixtape awards.

I’ll be gone for a couple weeks. The other boys will hold it down.

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