Chamillitary Man

Chamillitary Presents Volume 1 is this new underground from Cham, Rasaq, and 50/50 Twin. Cham has yet to release is official album but as long as he’s got someone to talk shit about he’ll be dropping mixtapes addressing whatever the fuck problems he’s got. This time he’s addressing the boys over at Paid In Phull for dropping Controversy Sells. But don’t worry Cham isn’t the only one that’s mad. Rasaq gets his interlude on talking shit about Paul Wall. Keep an eye out for Volume 2, word on the street is that it’s about some punk bitch at HEB that shorted Cham 38 cents.

I’m not really going to bother posting any of Rasaq’s tracks because they really aren’t worth mentioning. They aren’t terrible but really man he’s like Cham Light, if you want some less filling wordplay then go for Rasaq.

Chamillionaire – Intro
First joint on the mixtape with Cham bringing his low budget attempts at singing about how people are hating on him because he’s that ballin ass G. Right away he gets into that wordplay flipping shit about how he’ll exit class 101 number one lesson never turn a one on one in to a one on gun. The track is only 2 minutes long but Cham just runs with that shit setting off the mixtape as expected. Then Rasaq tries to follow this track but it’s like what’s the point dude can’t match Cham.

Chamillionaire – freestyle (I Wish)
Track starts off some recording of some fan from Cleveland calling Cham telling him how he wants to be down with Cham. Cham comes in over this strumming guitar rapping about the dreams and aspirations of all those young rappers out there just trying to get in this game and get that recognition. Cham sympathizes with them and understands when you’re family doesn’t support your rapstar dreams. The song ends with some women singing about how you should be hopeful, stick to the grind and with hardwork you will fullfill your rap dreams.

50/50 Twin – Freestyle ( Let’s Go)
50/50 over the Let’s Go beat. 50/50 is pretty hit or miss but when he speeds up the rapping he sounds a lot better with a more consistent flow. I can’t fuck with him when he slows that shit down. When he’s slow it sounds like each line was recorded individually and then someone did a shitty job copying and pasting that shit together. But on this track he sounds way smoother threatening to put some blood on your white tee for misrepresenting Houston.

Chamillionaire – Freestyle(Victory)
Cham bringing that fierceness rapping through the storm and bombarding you with his words. Building up his pace as the drums come in and the horns pick up their volume. His words come with that sense of urgency to make you believe that he’s going to grow a beard and beat the fuck out of Ivan Drago.

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