Common’s new video

Go here to watch it.

Well it’s the best song he’s done for a long-ass time, best video too. I don’t know what to say, I guess he’s back repping for Chicago. Does this mean he’s moved back? Video is directed by Kanye who also moved out east, although more recently. (Rumor has it he lived in the same apartment building for awhile as a couple friends of mine, if anyone can confirm that Kanye lived on South Michigan Ave. I’d be interested to know.) Common is an old man now, and I like it that way, he’s sounding very relaxed and it comes across as wisdom rather than corny 90s worship. It’s cool, because he makes it work for him, shouting out Stony Island, I guess he’s figured out that his heart was in Chicago the whole time. I’d like to think this boho thing was just a deviation, but its probably led him where he is now. RJD2 once said that Erykah Badu must have LSD in her pussy.

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