bobby valentino

for my R&B heads…

Bobby V. is affiliated with Luda’s crew disturbing the peace, and I’m not sure exactly what his association is but he’s from ATL and my friends have told me his song is blowing up on WGCI in Chicago (I’m away from home right now) and I finally caught him premiering his video on 106 and park today. He was full of youthful enthusiasm and excitement, playing to the crowd and it was sort of half-endearing and half-nails on chalkboard, but because Bruce Willis also was on the show for some reason Bobby was only the second most awkward person there. I have never seen an interview with Bruce Willis that isn’t awkward.

Anyway, Bobby Valentino’s voice is pretty young and still has a bit of an amateur inflection thing going on, but what is really amazing about this track is the production. Slow, floating bongos and a shimmering, spacey, wooshing backdrop with a not-so-faint middle-eastern flavor. Bobby V. says its produced by “Tim and Bob,” I’m not sure who they are but this is fantastic. It sort of reminds me of “Honeydips in Gotham” by boogiemonsters, swimming through the musical heat waves sitting on the stoop watching the ladies pass you by. My moms apt. never had a stoop, just a small foyer where I spent a lot of time sitting when I forgot my key, but we’ll pretend.

Bobby Valentino – Slow Down

(This song will be big. Album drops in April.)

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