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DJ RobOne passed away March 16th, 2000 from cancer, just barely under five years ago. The man was one of the downest dudes you could ever find in this hiphop shit. There are numerous stories about him and how great a person he was. Many have stories of him going out of his way to support dope hiphop. The man was affiliated with a number of crews Cali Bomb Squad (CBS), the ShapeShifters, and LORDS. He hosted the “Fly ID” radio show, worked for EMI and at Beats Non Stop a record store in LA. I ran into him once at Beats Non Stop. I didn’t know who he was at the time but he got me to buy a Cut Chemist mixtape that I rocked the shit out of. I myself never knew the man personally but my girlfriend did and as a result we have a lot of his old mixtapes. I decided to upload one because I think people should hear this shit and because I don’t think people like Rob should be forgotten.

There are lots of people who dedicated their lives to this hiphop shit but since they weren’t down with Bill Adler you might never hear of them. I think these people should be acknowledged and their stories should be documented. There are a number of stories that are not being told. At some point I would like to make a documentary about westcoast hiphop. I just need some money to buy a camera, but until then I’ll just keep writing shitty posts on this fucking website.

vinylexchange memorial page
artcrimes memorial page
crime files tribute page

CBS Side One(reupped…again)
CBS Side Two(reupped…again)
(edit 9-21-05) I fucking reupped this shit again and probably for the last time. You people need to figure out that if you’re checking posts from over 6 months ago chances are the shit isn’t up anymore. You’re lucky I even checked this post because it’s so old your comments usually wouldn’t be read. Motherfuckers need to wisen up.

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