terror x crew

Here is a video of the Greek rap group Terror X Crew performing “Dika Mas Pedia.” A bunch of my friends have been checking out TXC for a while, since high school at least. This video is really entertaining; there’s lots of stage diving and graf writing and skateboarding and snowboarding and trick biking and other signifiers of Greek youth culture. The shows look like amped up backpacker hip-hop shows from the U.S., but with more stage diving. Its pretty entertaining, regardless.

I have a bunch more of their stuff I’m gonna throw up here some time, older stuff mostly. It sounds like their imitation of RZA in his darker more gothic moods. TXC’s recent stuff has been pretty iffy (they’ve been around since the mid-90s, I believe) like this one song where they reverse Missy Elliott’s beat for “I’m Really Hot” and it sounds shitty and derivative, but yeah, they have some classic shit, even if you have no idea what they’re saying. They always sound gruff and mad, which is like the 5th element of hip-hop isn’t it?

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