Early Mystikal

Man… Allhiphop.com is crap.
Aside from laughably bad writing (“In lieu of a shooting that occurred…”), they have an offensive proclivity toward being apologists for the worst crimes when they are committed by rappers. For instance, in the case of Mystikal, Allhiphop writes that he’s in prison for “allegedly assaulting his former hairstylist.” Now, aside from whether or not the criminal justice system is illegitimate (it is), or if rappers, and black men as such, are more inclined to receive unequal treatment under the law (we are), there is no question as to Mystikal’s guilt (in a moral, if not legal, sense — in that gang rape. Dude videotaped it! [Also notice that he gets more criticism for taping the rape than for the rape itself.]

This type of reporting is unfortunate especially since, by all indications, the man born as Michael Tyler is repentant of his crime and seems aware that the lessening of his charges was a lifeline to which he has clung. Hopefully he’ll keep up on his counseling and he’ll stay on top of his rap game when he comes out.

Speaking of, I’m always surprised when people aren’t familiar with his pre-No Limit, pre-Neptunes shit. His No Limit record (thankfully it was just one) was a disappointment, to say the least, to those of us who loved Mystikal or The Mind of Mystikal his two records — which were really the same record — that came out on Big Boy before No Limit scooped him up. By the way, picking him up was the least they could do after Silkk so shamelessly took up Mystikal’s style on The Shocker. Listen to the first few TRU albums if you don’t believe me.

Those early Mystikal records came before No Limit and Cash Money had made much of an impact on the national scene. That way Mystikal’s first record didn’t have to contend with the genre boundaries that would force a “New Orleans” album. So he just went in the booth and went off. Around these parts, “Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet” was a minor hit. The inferior-but-worth-a-listen remix, on The Mind of Mystikal had a video that seemed to always be playing on The Box. “Not That Nigga” is like his manifesto. Notice the names that he drops on this one, he’s one of those cosmopolitan rappers — as Spice 1 as Grand Puba.

Mystikal – Y’all Ain’t Ready Yet
Mystikal – Not That Nigga

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