The Sweet James Jones Stories


This album is suppose to drop on the first but we’ll see if Rap-A-Lot actually comes through with that shit. I managed to get the album because Pimp C is my best friend and we got together for a round of tennis the other day. It’s more of them country raps over slow beats that you’ve come to expect from Pimp C. He covers topics such as his prostitutes, cocaine, the rap game, and how his mama always had his back.

“Hogg in the Game” is the lead single off this album and it’s on that synth shit that everyone been jumping on lately. That’s pretty much the only track like that on here. The rest of the songs sound like standard UGK shit. He’s got few guest like Cory Mo, Z-ro, Trae, Twista, Lil Flip, Devin The Dude, and of course Bun B.

Slow Down featuring Cory Mo

Pimp C and Cory Mo rapping about how people are getting took by the street game and fall off. He proclaims his status in this game and how him and Bun have been able to maintain through all the bullshit. Pimp C warns all those young rappers to slow down before someone fucks you up. Cory Mo comes in on the last verse dropping about how he’s on grinding in the studio and the booth.

Swing Down/10 A Key
The first half of the song is Swing Down and has Pimp C rocking that “swing down sweet cherry stop” for the chorus. This song is the most unorthodoxed of all the tracks. It doesn’t sound like what you’d expect from him. It’s got that funk but the drums are kind of unusual for you would assume him to rap over. The drums are more noticeable at the very beginning of the beat but then these strings come in and you don’t really notice them all that much. Pimp gets a little cut with the punch ins but it works with his flow on the song.
The second half(10 a key) of the track goes back to that UGK style you’re familiar with. As you can tell from the title the song is about buying cocaine from homeboys coming up from the border. Pimp C doesn’t rap about watches and the bling bling, he’s about candy cars and that cocaine.

Young Ghetto Stars featuring Z-Ro & Trae

Young Ghetto Stars fucking high class broads, big body cars, and hitting titty bars. You eating chicken wings we eating shrimp. You’re broke and Sweet Jones is rich. What else you need to know you dumb bastard.

go here and you buy

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