dear mama

“Happy birthday mom. Happy birthday.”

Serg posted three great tracks, but you HAVE to check this shit “Angel” from the new album – it’s dedicated to his mother and its a classic UGK production style, that slow rolling country-funk with double time hi-hats and Pimp C’s stories about coming up, before-and-after, the best of times and the worst of times: he was hooked on promethazine; he used to get sick a lot, he had pneumonia as a kid, he sold crack, he smoked too much and then his mom saved him from the “devil’s door.” Now he’s rich and on rap-a-lot and has fresh cars and he’s been rapping since 16, and “I’m her baby, and that is my only momma.” Then the chorus – “I found my angel…angel in my eyes.” Don’t stop, get it get it.

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