Pitch Wack

uh, my bad I mean Pitch Black. Yeah they were one of those mediocre rap crews that DJ Premier drops his most ridiculous beats on for no good reason; their album dropped last year and I bought it and sold it right back. I know lots of people are sick of Premier, shit I am most of the time these days, I don’t really listen to The Ownerz much at all (although seeing Gang Starr live a couple years ago was pretty nice). But like a lot of other people who still love that banging classic nyc sound I can’t stop listening to him, and I still listen to Jeru and Gang Starr and even fucking Group Home to this day. The reason people copped this stupid album was because that leadoff single “It’s All Real” was one of those classic premo chop-loop deals that you just can’t get out of yr head, full of dramatic strings and hard mid 90s drums. Well there was an even better track on it that was better pretty much because it had Foxy Brown (now signed yet again, thnx to Jay-Z) and not just the mediocre Pitch Black cats. “Me and Preem the unbeatable team/ fox five cocksucka respect me in this BITCH/ when i come thru bitches gotta bow to the queen bitch of rap cocksucka i’m BACK.” Standard NY braggadocious heat.

This cut sounds a lot like my image of New York, and I’ve only been to NYC a couple times but this captures that mood, no joke. I remember I think it was andre 3000 was talking on that VH1 30 years of hip-hop special about how much more sense NYC beats made to him when he visited the city for the first time he went there (insert rattling premo banger sound clip) and i agree. Probably an even better example (and a much better song) is DITC’s “Thick” (one of my favorite hip-hop trax evah) which you should cop ASAP if you dont know it already.

Anywhere here’s what yr looking for.

Pitch Black feat. Foxy Brown – Got It Locked

Next time on Premo, wtf are you on we’ll have the NYGz. “WE GIANTS TA THIS!!!!”

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