Mr. Lexicon

Mr. Lexicon is “the foreign rap sensation” from some unknown country where everyone rocks mustaches that may or may not be made of real facial hair. The group consists of Tex Binder, Ron Pipes III, and DJ Ice Grille. They came to America on a boat full of flies to chase their dreams of being rap superstars even though all their rhymes are written in broken english. It’s hard to actually figure out what country they are from because their accents sound like some strange forgotten eastern block shit.

I first came to know of Mr Lexicon through this video store I worked at. You see some dude use to come into the store and rent shit. The guy tended to come in late and rent some random shit but on the average he got good movies. When you work at fucking Hollywood video anyone who rents shit that’s even slightly above being total crap is a standout. One day dude comes in with some shit like a week late and tells me how he’s got a huge late fee and would like to break a deal. He then tells me the reason was because he was out of town at cochella at which point we start some small talk about music. The guy asks me if I like underground hiphop to which I say yes and then he informs me that he’s in a rap group. I kind of just brush it off because I’m suspect of anyone I just meet on the street, much less a video store, that says they are a rapper. He tells me he has a show at Kimo’s and it’s free. Well Kimo’s is a block from my house and we didn’t have shit going on so we decide to roll. I got home and checked their website where I found out about this whole foreign sensation shit. I started thinking I’m about to make a big mistake going to this show. Little did I know how real these boys were with it. Their live show is pretty fucking incredible. Their rhyming wasn’t the best but they more than made up for it with all their fucking energy. I was surprised how real they were about their characters. Like I talked to the guy working the merch booth and he keep busting out with the whole Ukrainian speak shit. As far as comedy raps go there are very few who can do it well and have you laughing your ass off the whole show. One group that comes to mind is Grand Buffet.

At some point during the night the guy who knows me from the store breaks me off with a CD. It includes many of their hit songs such as “Shit Tunnel,” “Boat Full Of Flies,” “Skruffneck,” and “Never Happened Before.” If you need some foreign rap in your life (and I’m not talking about that European bullshit) then hit up their website, They got videos, cds for sale and all that other cute shit. They’ve got some new CD for sale too.

I can’t seem to find the case for this CD so fuck it you don’t get any song titles to these mp3’s.

track 1
track 3
track 8

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