bludz no lie my mom used to drive a 1976 chrysler cordoba

lace up your stadias homiez we taking a walkzors down memory lane
shit was a fucked up silver and had the cracked red rich corinthian
leather interior hold up soccer mom in the cube next to me just handed
me a deviled egg sandwich un momento por favor damn this shit is bomb
except the bread is too dry okay bluds sorry anyway this car was a
piece of shit bludz no lie i remember having to pray no like literally
moms told us to really pray hoooard as she and my bro was sitting there
and we was struggling to pray like sweating that the car would start
and this would happen like every morning i mean i kinda forgot about
that shit until just now which is wierd cause TA got the steel trap
mind steezo like i am so tripping off that cordoba right now and then
thinking back to that i remember my step dads 67 nova which was all
raised up ughh raise up fooo in the back all muscle car steez and was
a sicc ass money green with metal flakes before people was doing 67
novas with money green metal flake paint jobs and that shit would cook i
mean straight short order chef you down 23rd no seatbelts cause fuck
thems for sissies and then also he also had a 46 oldsmobile primered
and bondo steezola but that just sat in the garage after his initial body
work until he sold it and smelled like wet dog youd think with all these
cars and mechanically inclined folkers that id be all sicc and into cars
but fuck that i was upstairs playing sega or looking at my step brothers
collection of hustler mags with the sports illustrated covers on thems any
way my biological didnt bother with that shit i remember he had a buick
regal and it was tan hellsa boring compared to step dads rides but yo my
biopops liked listening to click and clack on npr which is ironic anyways
these are the memories you have when you from a broken home blud also my
step sister had a cat named domino and that fucker weighed like 78 pounds
or some shit oh yeah also rap music is sicc too that opinion is thanks to
my step sister too she had a late 70s corolla with sheepskin seat covers
bird call

4 responses to “bludz no lie my mom used to drive a 1976 chrysler cordoba

  1. Dude my mom used to own a ’66 oldsmobile. It was a gift from her brother because we didn’t have a car. It was green and had bright red hubcaps.

  2. blud that 67 nova cost a dollar
    cause it was supposed to be haunted
    so fuck off with you my mom drives
    story this aint no carls jr-on-a-
    friday-night-pop-your-hood-and-hold-your cock fest blud that was a metaphor about my moms and religion and like cats and shit why you trying to one up me fuck now im pissed off no offense tho blud i still think you hellsa tite bird call

  3. You suck at grammar. That was the most terrible thing I have ever tried to read. I really hope you dont try to re-produce.

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