Action Packed Gangsters

I mentioned APG before but now I’m actually going to post about them.

The Action Packed Gangsters were:

Mello – Mar & J-Cutt

Cold Coming Up ( Professor T & DJ Pause)

MC Red & DJ Red Slice ( The Red Connection)

The members of APG were mostly from Oakland (incase you couldn’t tell from the fucking title of the tape). The name APG actually comes from Apgar Street out in Oakland. They released this tape in 1991. It’s got some of your standard early 90’s type production; horns blasting through drums, soul to soul type piano stabs, some of that uptempo bass rolling though, and high pitched sirens coming straight out of oakland. I miss that high pitched siren shit, it was the easiest way to make the hype track on an album. Just put some hard drums under a loud screeching sound and everyone was ready to perform a beatdown on any video camera in site. This needs to make a comeback. Fuck all these fancy videos with hoes and shit. The posse is where it’s at.

APG doesn’t really sound too much like the standard bay area shit of the time which sounded more like Too Short and those affiliated with him. It’s more uptempo and seems to be more influenced by that early 90’s NYC sound. Not to say that they don’t sound westcoast because they do but the tape just has some of those tones to it. These guys were saying “punk police” just as much as everyone else from the west did after Cube said it.

So yeah because there really isn’t any way to cop this tape unless you dig it up somewhere and because I doubt it’s ever going to be released ever again I’ve decided to upload the entire album for you people. It’s a zip file so you’ll need winzip or something to open the shit but unless you’re fucking retarded that shouldn’t be that hard.

APG – Oakland’s Finest

3 responses to “Action Packed Gangsters

  1. Dude, I’m been looking for this shit for 5 years or more – since my tape wore down and broke. Shrimp is officially my favorite food.

  2. The only song I know is “Action Packed Gangsters” (is that what it’s called, they trigger the sample over & over for the chorus, “action pack/action pack/action packed gangsters”) which I recorded off KPFA’s Late Night Hype with Mack B Dog (RIP). Thanks!

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