Damage Control Archive


(edit: changed the mp3 link to houstonsoreal)

so yeah on this weeks damagecontrol they had the ever so shy Willie D. Willie D had a problem with the positioning of his verse on a song. Apparently it had been changed and he decided to tell Cory Mo about it on the air. After they get off the air and go out into the parking lot yell at people. Matt attempts to defuse the situation a little but I don’t know how well that went down. From the sound of things it just seems like there was a lot of yelling at people. Cops showed up but it was just to give someone a ticket.

2 responses to “Damage Control Archive

  1. I’m sitting here trying to understand Wllie D’s beef. It’s one thing to be slightly annoyed, it’s a whole other thing to damn near start a fight in a studio over it.

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