Phinally Phamous

One of the best singles last year was off of Kay Slay’s major label “mixtape” shit – it was called “Who gives a … where you from” and it was a transformers-sampling 3-6 track that featured scrawny MC Lil Wyte. Well his album Phinally Phamous came out late last year and I didn’t get a chance to talk about it on here but Sean Downes gave an in-depth overview at guvt names. My favorite track though is “Look Like You” which is all druggy come-down paranoia (“this is not some powder the effects are completely different/ you are not a coward if you pop one and get scared of the shit”) and the part where he goes double-time shows how ridiculously talented this cat is. The beats are great of course, dark double-time hypnotized minds production with bouncing marimbas and high-pitched screeching over the top etc.

You can also check out the video for the single “I Sho Will” (which you should have heard by now anyway) by going here.

Buy Phinally Phamous.

Oh yeah and for all you punks who kept emailing us about the Snoop remix, it’s been re-upped.

7 responses to “Phinally Phamous

  1. I just interviewed Wyte for a story. Crazy-ass dude. Whip-smart with an incredible story. Hyped beyond belief. He wants to be the first rapper to win a Nascar race.

    Hook up the Haloscan on these comments David!

  2. Also, I’ll be needing my site on that blogroll of yours, as promised, by the time I get off from work at 10:30.


    Bol Guevara

  3. This track is REAL nice. Rest of the album isn’t bad either.

    I may be showing off my ignorance – but what the fuck are yellow ladders?

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