New Kano

#8 on the Many Shrimp 2004 MC poll has a new single out, and it sounds like an attempt to do the Lil Jon guitar thing. I like it. It’s about getting mad at bouncers when you go to the club. Here’s the video – sidenote: more white girls in it than in American rap videos. Significance?

Kano – Typical Me

(Edit: Reaction from the grime kids seems pretty negative, which I understand; this isn’t really “grime”-y at all. I still dig it OK. Not as good as Ps and Qs or Girls and Boys, natch.)

Oh yeah, you should also check out the mp3 blog i’m doing w/ some folks from stylus it’s called Club Lonely. And don’t forget to check back here on Monday for our new site+updates.

3 responses to “New Kano

  1. Grime is some limey cunthoebitch music peroid! I am from Killa-forina where we ain’t got shit but guns and nuts. We stole the rap game from NYC an been making the product only better. We fucked up the east too, Camron Is wearing purple velvet in a pink hummer, while E40 servin em up like the William’s sisters. What the fuck kinda dirt do these foo’s do? You live in a country where just having a gun makes you a thug, come to my city an you’d just be a victim. Riko just forgot to curtsy an got locked up. Why dont you show some respect to real 7th letter mutha fuckers like Brotha Lynch Hung, Cell Cell, X rated, Dre Dog or any other gangsta who is too busy doin’ dirt to get on TRL. All you euro-bitches need to be real with yourselves, you are fake as Lil Kim’s tits. Call me a hater, but you are as toy as some kid tracing REVOK peices and passing them off as your own. But seriously I got some love for grime… I’d bone Chantelle Fiddy or Lady Sov before they start lookin like old women on a monty python episode.

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