Rap Videos And Shit

So yeah the folks over at Roomservice do this promotion bullshit for rapstars and stuff. They are trying to take advantage of this blog shit and use it as a tool to make rappers cool and stuff. Well we get this email about some videos they are hosting and asking us to post about so here you go, get your fucking internet on you fucking nerds.

Brooke Valentine f/ Big Boi and Lil Jon – “Girlfight”

If you haven’t figured it out this is a song about girls fighting, oh and there is a lil jon beat. Some of that “crunk & b” bullshit that motherfuckers be talking about with that flat chested woman and her one two steps. Shit is kind of soft but you get some what’s and some big boi so whatever.

Windows low high

RealAudio low high

K-OS – Love Song

some soft shit about love and stuff

Windows high med low

RealAudio high med low

K-OS – B-Boy Stance

TRUE HIPHOP! fucking b-boys and lyrics like elevate/ motivate/ congregate/ activate/ masturbate. Whatever, the beat is cool but its some generic b-boy video type shit. I like b-boys but please make some cooler songs/videos.

Windows high med low

RealAudio high med low

K-OS – Crabbuckit

Crabs, soulclaps, guys carring acoustic guitars and shit sorry but I didn’t really give enough of a fuck to pay too much attention to this video. Actually this video seemed like some boarderline BEP shit and I got scared.

Windows med

Real Audio med

K-OS really isn’t that bad and I do like some of his stuff but I just don’t get that excited over his music. He’s another artist that is good enough to not be totally shitty. Like if it was 1996 I’d probably buy his records but these days his ass gets passed up. You scion ass motherfuckers will probably like this shit though, but I can’t really fuck with it.

20 responses to “Rap Videos And Shit

  1. The best K-Os song was the one that jacked Soho’s “Hot Music,” and it was only good bcuz he jacked Soho’s “Hot Music.” No joke, it had the lyric “This is the end of the jiggy era.”

  2. sorry k-os isn’t degrading enough for your tastes. i guess if he said “nigger” and rapped about slapping bitches it’d be perfect for your blog.

  3. or maybe you’re just an internet poseur living vicariously through southern thug rap because your own life is about as exciting as brushing your no gold fronts havin’-teeth.

  4. haha yeah unfortunately i’m not really living the southern thug life, so i suppose i am a poseur, huh? K-Os sucks yo, get over it.

  5. hey dumbass maybe the reason I don’t give a fuck about k-os is because he’s not doing anything new and it was more interesting when I heard this shit ten years ago.

    you should stop reading this website and go back to listening to some uplifting acidjazz.

    way to keep it real you piece of shit

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