I’m So Happy For Saafir

Pretty much everyone has heard about how fucking great Boxcar Sessions is but unfortunatly for Saafir’s career he was never able to break out of the underground with that record. Even when he followed that up with more mainstream tuned album he was not able to make the jump to rapstardom. Surprisingly people just didn’t give a fuck about learning Triganometry. Fucking shit even after appearing in Wrists of Fury the masses still were not open to Saafir’s lyrical swordsmanship. So then in early 2000 Saafir got the swift idea that if he just named his album the Hit List then people would just pretend that it was good. Saafir was wrong.

In late 2000 Saafir finally got wise and being the saucee nomad that he is he decided to make the move to Atlanta, his best career decision ever. It was quite a step up from poisoning small children in a group home in San Mateo but he made it. In Atlanta Saafir released I’m Serious which laid a new foundation for his future as a rapstar. Although the album didn’t blow up Saafir did get some attention which was good because he was able to use that momentum to release his next album, Trap Muzik. This is one of Saafir’s best works to date. The album title itself is very symbolic as it represents the trap that the infamous Hiero vs Hobo battle put him in. Hobo Junction was never able to break free from the grips of Wake Up show highlights. This album represents the frustration that comes with forever being sucked into the blackhole that is Casual’s shadow. Trap Muzik was able to fulfill the dreams that Tha Crib just was not able too. Now if only ChinoXL was able to overcome that struggle then maybe Predator Vs Aliens would have been a bit more successful.

So here we are in 2005 and we are now seeing the fruits of Saafir’s battle to stardom. He has finally made it. He is now on MTV, doing songs with Jay-Z’s voice, working with top notch producers, pulling Lil Flip’s card, making guest appearences and appearing on numerous mixtapes all to prove that he has finally surpassed jay’z reasonable doubt status in the minds of indie rap loving nerds. Saafir has proven that he truly is the king of the south. Within the first week following the release of “Urban Legend” the album ranked #7 on the Billboard’s Top 200 and #1 on the Billboard’s Top 20 R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. I can’t even imagine just how proud Saafir’s mother must be. Oh if the whoridas could see him now.

There has been one tragic casualty in this fight for stardom and it’s unfortunate but sometimes things just have to be sacrificed for success. No matter how much we pray we will never see Saafir’s nosering ever again. Who knew that a damn nosering could hold a rapper down so hard. Saafir has learned his lesson and that is that with the demise of a nosering comes the birth of limitless stardom.

5 responses to “I’m So Happy For Saafir

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