Name droppings

As a bonus to our readers, AllHipHop decided to compose an unofficial tally of the numerous namedrops on The Documentary.

Dr. Dre 35

50-Cent 17

G-Unit 10

Notorious B.I.G. 8

Eminem 8

Tupac 7

Compton 7

Eazy-E 5

Young Buck 4

Nate Dogg 4

Lloyd Banks 4

Snoop Dogg 4

Mary J. Blige 4

Mase 4

Jay-Z 3

Eve 3

Michael Jackson 3

Jam Master Jay 3

Martin Luther King, Jr 3

Nas 3

Left Eye 3

Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs 3

Aaliyah 3

Whitney Houston 2

Kanye West 2

Mya 2

Tony Yayo 2

Busta Rhymes 2

Just Blaze 2

Rakim 2

Shaq 2

Ms. Shakur 2

Ms. Wallace 1

Kool G Rap 1

Vivica A. Fox 1

Ronald Reagan 1

Huey Newton 1

Public Enemy 1

Flavor Flav 1

Whoo Kid 1

DJ Clue 1

Compton’s Most Wanted 1

Marvin Gaye 1

Vanessa Williams 1

Serena Williams 1

R. Kelly 1

Black Rob 1

N.W.A. 1

Loon 1

Ashanti 1

Tyra Banks 1

Master P 1

Alonzo Mourning 1

Havoc 1

Prodigy 1

Timbaland 1

Bobby Brown 1

Ed Lover 1

Monie Love 1

Shyne 1

Beyonce 1

Ice Cube 1

Xzibit 1

Mariah Carey 1

Suge Knight 1

Chris Rock 1

Souljah Slim 1

Randy Moss 1

Kevin Lowe 1

LeBron James 1

Yao Ming 1

Usher 1

Guerilla Black 1

Jimmy Iovine 1

7 responses to “Name droppings

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