Kanye’s gayest quotes

Ban this douche

"I’m rappin’ now. Anybody who ain’t respecting me as an artist right

now, mine as well just bash their heads into the wall just for being

stupid. I say, just kill yourself ‘cuz if not, it’s gonna kill you for

how much you about to hear me
." (okayplayer.com, 2003)

"God could send a message in the form of a goat." (XXL, Oct 2004)

"It’s the best hotel I ever stayed in. That shit was crazy. You just lay out on the beach, but what was dope about it was they’d bring you popsicles and stuff." (Rolling Stone, Dec 2004)

Peep these and others at Ban Kanye West from the Grammys, the new Internet home of the Operation: Slap a Dropout Movement. And while you’re there, sign the fucking petition already. That is, if you haven’t already.

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