ESG – Ocean Of Funk

1993 ESG released this album. It was before Screw was really known outside of Houston and before ESG had really developed his own nasal style. ESG’s style sounds heavily influenced by UGK and the Geto Boys which only makes sense since those groups pretty much ran shit. You can tell how popular westcoast music was in the Texas because there is a gang of g-funk synth running throughout the album. Shit after ’92 everyone wanted to make The Chronic part 2. But yeah whatever the album is mostly slow beats with some whiney synth riding the bass. My favorite track off the album would have to be The South. It’s about ESG coming straight from the south bucking it up with a blunt in his mouth. I could do without the fool singing during the hook but whatever I can deal with it. ESG picks up the pace on the rapping and sounds more like his newer shit. blah whatever the fuck, just download some shit.

The South

Swangin’ and Bangin’ (screwed)


you can buy the album at BeatBoxRecords

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