MC Poll Results

Ok so this is what our reader poll bullshit looks like


1) Ghostface

2) MF Doom

3) T.I.

4) Nas

5) Kanye West

6) Cam’ron

7) Bun B

8) Kano

9) Jadakiss

10) Dizzee Rascal


1) Lil Jon

2) 9th Wonder

3) Madlib

4) Kanye West

5) Just Blaze and Jazze Pha tied for 5th

so the way this worked was that each nomination got points according to each readers list, number 1 was 10 points, number 2 was 9 points and so on. Those points were totalled, then ranked, and now you have this list of shit. Doom was actually number one on a number of the lists, but ghostface beat him out by being on more lists and usually being ranked on the high end of the lists. I’m surprised 9th wonder got so fucking high on this shit. I didn’t know people really liked his music. I could at least predict all these bullshit kanye votes but 9th wonder? Some rappers that almost made the top ten lists were Murs, Chamillionaire, Young Buck and M.I.A.

oh and those of you that submitted producer lists that were longer than 5 people, those extra 5 weren’t counted because you people are fucking stupid and can’t read.

Now as for who the fuck won that 12″ or whatever the fuck David is giving away, yeah I don’t know what in the fuck is going down with that bullshit so you’ll have to wait until that sissy posts about it.

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