The Kanyegate site is live

The new home of Operation Slap a Dropout

I know a lot of you were getting tired of reading about Kanyegate here, so you’ll be glad to here that I’ve now dedicated an entire blog to nothing but Kanyegate. I’m hoping this is going to be that next step that takes our movement into the big time. A link to the petition is prominently featured on each page, which should hopefully draw more traffic to it, and I think I’ve got some pretty cool features already and I plan on adding more each day leading up to the actual awards. I’d like for everybody who’s reading this to help me out by spreading the word about the new site, whether it’s by linking to it from your blog or emailing it to your friends and familiy. Also, I’d appreciate it if you left any feedback you might have either here, there or in my email. Thanks.

3 responses to “The Kanyegate site is live

  1. jesus, give it up dude. how much time in your life are you going to spend on dissing someone on the internet. this is what you spend your time on. think about that. you made a whole website about it. do you think kanye will ever read this or do you think he will fuckin care?? stop being so lame and focus on some worthwhile shit in your life.

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