David Banner, Three Six Mafia, and 8ball & MJG

I got this link off the screwshop messageboard, boys are going hard on the cut

Gangsta Walk

I don’t know how many folks that read this shit know about gangsta walking but the general consensus is that it started in Memphis and its like a mosh pit. What would usually go down is you’d have this mob of people walking in a circle bouncing, throwing bows, and screaming the lyrics to a song. A lot of times fights would break out when some cutesy boy decided it was wise to go the other way and drop bows on the wrong motherfucker. This is pretty much what brought about the whole tear the club up shit that triple six is known for. If you watch the Dirty States of America DVD they show footage of kids gangsta walking as far back as like 91. There are still clubs in shit towns that have signs up that say “no gangsta walking.”

10 responses to “David Banner, Three Six Mafia, and 8ball & MJG

  1. There was a huge regional (midwest) hit called “Gangster Walk” by The Underground Mafia in ’90 or so. It sampled liberally from “Grand Verbalizer What Time Is It.”

  2. word, I’ve never heard the cut but I’d be interested in peeping. I don’t know when exactly gangsta walking started but I’ve heard some say as far back as 88-89. The oldest video footage I’ve seen was in Dirty States which was from 91. Oh yeah they also said it was originally called the buck jump, well I think they said the buck jump I need to watch that shit again. but yeah it was back when the song “get buck” was popular in memphis and dudes would start mobbing around the club.

  3. actually shit, I’m fucking stupid, in this goddamn song I posted they fucking chant “buck jump motherfucker buck jump”

  4. im from tennessee, east tennessee. and it´s really country and niggas be gettin buck in da clubs in knoxville. you can´t do no gangsta walkin in the clubs, not because of the rules, cause you might piss off dem G.D.´s or them V.L.´s and them other thug ass niggas, and then you got a problem!!! the south ain´t playin!

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