The Game – The Documentary: Album Review

The Game, The Documentary (Aftermath, 2005)

I think we all know what I’m about to say, and as much as I hate to say it, I will anyway because it’s true: This new Game album = Not all that. It’s cool for what it is and I’d imagine that it’s way better than that Lloyd Banks’ album, which I’ll never hear. But, as far as commercial-sounding rap shit is concerned (not really my thing anyway), it’s nowhere near seeing that Cam’ron album from a month ago. And it’s not for a lack of trying either: Everybody and their fucking grandmother contributed to this album in one way or another. I think what it comes down to is that The Game is just not that compelling of an MC.

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5 responses to “The Game – The Documentary: Album Review

  1. the more I hear from the game the more I hate this dude. When I first heard him I thought, oh this is cute dude might have some potential, but no. The motherfucker spends most of his time rapping about how great other rappers are. This whole I’m bringing the westcoast back bullshit needs to stop. All he’s doing is rapping about people who put the westcoast on the map over 15 years ago.

    this album is a waste of beats

  2. Word. I agree. I could barely get through the album the 1st time hearing it. It seemed like the same song over different beats. Not only is he not that compelling, but he repeats himself & sounds like a broken record. Every track has an Easy E reference, a Nike Air reference, A “I’m Dre’s New Thing” reference. How can he even say “I’m lyrically Kool G. Rap on these Dre records”? yeah right! he does rep L.A. which i gotta respect. out.

  3. fuck all you bitches talking shit about the game he is the shit the ablum is going to be one of the best selling ablums of the year so fuck all you haters one more time because I bet that game has at least 3 or 4 singles on the radio in a minute he is the next 50 cent bitches

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