Bullet Proof’s Back

The artwork for this cover must have cost a fortune.

Back in my teenage years I was really into scratch music (turntablism) and one of my favorite crews were the Bullet Proof Space Travelers. They seemed to be ignored by all the fucking shit rags who were big upping the whole turntablism movement. It was all about the skratch piklz, x-men and the beatjunkies. Not to take anything away from those groups but Bulletproof were pushing this shit hard. There was some friction between them and the Piklz because bulletproof felt the piklz were getting props for things they were doing first. Unfortunatly Bulletproof seems to be plauged by the same issues that have kept Freestyle Fellowship from blowing up. They just never had the organization to do anything big as a collective. Quest has had some success with his group, Live Human. Sacred Hoop has also made some noise as far as underground groups go but compared to the success of other crews that came up at the same time Bulletproof just never got the notoriety they were looking for. But who gives a fuck cause these dudes keep rocking shit.

Back in mid-late 90’s Z-trip use to dj on this dude’s radio show on Magic 107 out of Buckeye Arizona. I made it a point to get my ass home on saturday nights by midnight so I could record the shows. I’d be half drunk dubbing the first half of the show which was DJ Fashen’s half and then from 1-2am Ztrip would go on and I’d flip the tape record his set. Some nights I’d pass out during fashen’s set and only get the beginning of Z-trips because I was asleep. In the morning I’d put the tapes in my headphones and it would be like christmas I never knew what the fuck I would hear.

One morning my dad sent me to the junkyard to pull some parts so I grabbed the tape and rolled out. Fashen’s set was cute shit but then Z-trip’s set starts earlier than usual. He comes on talking about how his friend is in town he’s going to let his friend dj. The guys starts dropping some symphony shit and scratching over it. This crazy bass gets mixed in and the man is just flipping it hard as fuck. I’m rolling down I-17 just rewinding the fuck out of the tape on some OH SHIT type status. After hearing that I flipped the tape to hear the rest; that’s when I found out I fucking fell asleep and never recorded shit on that side. I was pissed as fuck. I’m thinking who the fuck is this dude, I rewind the tape back to where ztrip was talking and as it turns out his friend is fucking DJ Quest.

I have since lost that tape, I think it fell out of my mom’s 4runner because that’s the last place I played it. I’m wish I still had it but oh well there ain’t shit I can do about it. Anyways the reason I’m writing this shit is because at a recent rap music show my girlfriend and I ran into Quest and he gave her his new 12″. It’s called Bulletproof’s back and it’s hot shit. Quest produced it and he’s got Eddie K rapping over it. I love the loud pounding drums on this shit. Eddie K comes on some with frisco shit sounding raw as hell. The other song, Getto Stash, isn’t as aggressive. The beat just consist of some ticking and some bouncing bass with Eddie K sticking to rapping about getting gnarly with his drinks.

Bulletproof’s Back

Getto Stash

“If you weren’t spinning freestyle in the 80’s you ain’t shit” – DJ Quest

3 responses to “Bullet Proof’s Back

  1. back when I was on some holier than thou indie rap snob shit, all my friends were up on q-bert and I was like “fuck q-bert, it’s all about dj quest.” live human was amazing, except for their album, which was unbelievably disapointing. I should probably listen to it again.

  2. did you ever get that first ep? I bought that shit in this in some random record store, I had no clue what the fuck it was, that shit was hard as fuck though.

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