Beer And Rap Is For The Kids!

So yeah my own blog (beer and rap) mostly consist of stupid stories about shit and me bitching. Well for scribble jam this past year I made a paper version of this shit to give to friends. I liked making it so I decided to make another one but this time I got some other people contributing shit. One being David and another being The Avenger, who happens to be a bay area internet legend and let me tell you, his dim sum eatery guide is not to be fucked with, bird call.

anyways this little magazine has stuff that isn’t on the website, can you say EXCLUSIVE, some of the stuff covered in this little shit rag are a Joey Beats interview, bay area dim sum restaurant guide, why talib kweli’s album sucks, A list of rappers that suck but people don’t know they suck, hiphop dance is fucking stupid, graffiti writers are gossiping bitches and other “articles.” It’s so fucking positive and uplifting!

This magazine is premium quality shit and comes printed on the cheapest paper kinko’s had to offer. I’m going to be leaving these things at local record stores and stuff but if you would like a copy you can paypal or mail me $2.00 and I’ll throw one in the mail for you. If you want even more shit then send me $4.00 and you’ll get a mixtape with it. It’s a mix I made that I’ve titled “Hard Az Fuck” and most of the songs are about beating people up. It comes on a cassette too, fuck a cd-r. Read shitty articles and hear me trainwreck at the same time!

If you would like to purchase the $2.00 option just click FUCK, for some reason the magazine only button for this won’t fucking work so just email me instead for poormans version or just suck it up and click the $4 button you poor bastard.

for the $4.00 megamix click this:

you better fucking buy one so I can become the next Benzino.

4 responses to “Beer And Rap Is For The Kids!

  1. You know nggs don’t fck with cassettes you better learn how to rip that sht and burn it on cd. Seriously though it’s great to see a blog that is talking about rap, crunk, fck it just music in general, and isn’t about that political sht that dominates most blogs.

    Hell they even had me fckng weighing in on the election. Fckng racist conservatives are pissing me off as well, with their pc views. Glad I dropped in on this piece, because without the joint a ngg would have given up on blogging altogether, felt like there was never going to be any representation in this btch about the sht that really matters to us!

  2. CD’s are soft, tapes are rugged. cd’s get scratches and they are ruined, tapes get EATEN!

    besides everybody and their mother has a motherfuckering cd, I got tapes cause I’m special like that

  3. Help! I am lost. I was searching for thai restaurant and somehow ended up here. How that happened I don’t know, however I do like your Blog a lot. Would you mind if I add your Blog to my favorites page so others can visit?

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