Whut It Dew

Well what in the fuck, I just wrote up a bunch of shit about this mixtape and then my fucking piece of shit computer decides that it would be cute to restart by its goddamnself so yeah now you get the even more half ass version of this post.

This mixtape dropped a while back but for some reason people haven’t been talking about as much as they should have. Now I don’t know if Texans know about Keak Da Sneak’s song What It Do because it didn’t show up on here but it should have. Anyways Rapid Rick got Chamillionaire to host this mix. Cham does a couple freestyles but as expected they are mostly about dissing Mike Jones. As for the mix itself Rapid Rick has got a champed out tracklist. The mix consists of mostly texas artists with most the big names from Houston and a handful of tracks from some other southern artists. He has a dope remix of Mr. Magic’s “I Smoke I Drank” but with Slim Thug and Killa Kyleon rapping over it. Then he follows that with a Texas blend of Young Buck’s “Shorty Wanna Ride” which goes into “Don’t Fake” with Trae, Bun B and Devin. Then that track goes into a Slim Thug freestyle which he follows with a No Problem remix with Lil Scrappy and motherfucking Dj Quick! Fuck dude just keeps coming at your with shit. I recommend the fuck out of this mix.

There are a gang of highlights on this mixtape, he has got some cutesy freestyles from folks that most haven’t heard of like Ankaman, Young Slugga, Fade Dogg, Dok Holiday, Rob Tha Rhino and Chalie Boy. Oh yeah Rapid Rick also drops a remix of Ain’t Heard That. It’s done by Chops of the Mountain Brothers and its way better than that bullshit the Neptunes came up with it.

peep the mp3’s:

Whut It Dew Intro

I Smoke I Drink (Tx version)

Got Karo – Nac, Paul Wall

Ain’t Heard That ( Chops Remix)

Chingo Bling & Fade Dogg – Tamale Freestyle

Big Tuck & Chamillionaire – What’s Up What’s Up

If you’d like to cop this mix I suggest you hit up MixtapeUSA, I got my copy from themixunit but those fools have yet to send me my complete order. I got southern smoke 15 along with this and its on backorder. I fucking ordered my shit 2 months ago so yea I suggest you go elsewhere. Oh yeah there is a single cd version and a dual disc version. The dual disc includes a screwed and chopped version that was done by O.G. Ron C. Oh and if you want a Whut It Dew t-shirt then hit up Top Dollar Clothing.

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