Fuck Your Early 90’s HipHop Mix

I wrote this post for my own blog, Beer And Rap, but David thought it was pretty funny so he asked me to post it up over here. I figured I’d just post up a portion of it and if you still want to read the rest well then you can take your lazy ass to my fucking site. I’m not sure how many folks are going to hate on me for this or if they even will, but I figure the keep it real fools will get sand in their pussies so fuck’em.

Hey shitbags those early 90’s hiphop mixes that you think are so fucking original well guess what. They fucking aren’t. No one wants to hear you mix a bunch of fucking reissues that you bought 3 years ago. People have been making early 90’s mixes since the goddamn early 90’s. Just what in the fuck do you think makes you goddamn version or T.R.O.Y. so fucking original? As much as I love that style of hiphop I’m fucking sick and tired of these redundant bullshit mixes. Fucking stop with the Black Sheep already, enough is enough goddamnit.

The early 90’s are not coming back. Nas will never make another Illmatic no matter how many wet dreams you fucking have. Pete Rock and CL Smooth will never make another good record. Remember their latest project? Because I do and it fucking sucked. Ultramagnetic is not going to make another Critical Beatdown because Kool Keith has lost his fucking mind. The Pharcyde will never make another Bizzare Ride because no one actually gives a fuck about the Pharcyde without Fatlip and Slimkid. Shit do you even know the other two dudes names cause I bet you don’t. The fucking point is that all your heroes have fallen off and you need to fucking accept that shit already.

Click here to continue hating on early 90’s hiphop mixes

4 responses to “Fuck Your Early 90’s HipHop Mix

  1. I’m def guilty of making a throwback mix, but I think I’m actually more on your side with this. Besides, if you can listed to a tape like Reconstruction and then think you have something more to offer the throwback game, I really don’t know…
    That said, I wouldn’t mind hearing some old ass Redman next time I’m at a club (where people are dancing and drinks are expensive, not some around the way bar where nobody gives a fuck what you play).

  2. oh yeah, don’t get me wrong I not hating on people who drop some classic joints in the club. My issue is more with the mixtapes than anything. Just total mixes devoted to that era of music as if we didn’t have enough already. It would be more interesting if they at least tried to update the sound, fucking flip that shit and play some fucking MOP over lil jon beats or something. But no we get more of the same bullshit and I’ve fucking had it with people wasting their time repeating the same concept over and over.

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