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So Matt has some dude that wrote a book on the show and the guy start talking about how Ice Cube is such an entrepreneur and shit. Well I’m thinking to myself who gives a fuck cause Ice Cube can’t rap for shit anymore so I IMed matt on their damagecontrol shit telling them so, “Ice Cube might be an entrepreneur but he can’t rap for shit anymore. He needs to stop acting and start hating on motherfuckers again.” Well Matt actually read my IM on the air and the author guy just said that I don’t understand and I’m a hater. I say fuck that, Ice Cube needs people to hate on him. If he’s going to be an actor and make lots of money fine but he better stop fronting like he still has the skills he once had. The guy is a fucking embarassment on Grand Finale. Homeboy has fallen off hard. The man was once the top of the game but now he’s making movies for the whole fucking family. Yeah dude is real scary now fucking stomping in his big black loafers.

Blah whatever, Gritboys make an appearance, Matt plays some exlusive Old Dirty Bastard tracks that are pretty cute. They get a cutesy freestyle going and then play some new Terrorist track and a bunch of christmas shit. Oh yeah Matt also plays some fucking Crew X- Santa Rap that David posted up last week, straight repping for the Shrimp.

5 responses to “Damage Control Archive

  1. You like how at 82 minutes that dude from Detox says IM SCREW TAPIN YOU BACK PACKIN???

    I dint know Houston boys knew about backpackers…

  2. The Backpackers have infiltrated more borders than most are aware of. They are like terrorist except they won’t actually kill you but they will annoy the piss out of you.

  3. I was just thinking about this the other day when i put on Amerikkka’s most wanted.

    To see what’s happened to Ice Cube between then and now kinda puts doubts on whether it was anything ever more than front.

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