So some of the tracks on the "Blade: Trinity" soundtrack are pretty good…

RZA – “Fatal”

RZA reminds us that he’s a rapper too and soldiers through with decent results. The strings are too grandiose for the Wu general but the choked sample works.

Lil’ Flip ft. Ghostface and Raekwon – “I Gotta Get Paid”

Bouncy rubber bass over grime clicks. Sounds like Wiley snuck into the studio and took over. At gunpoint. Lyrically, would have expected a bit more from these three.

WC, E-40 and Christ Bearer – “The Guns Come Out”

Highlight. Dub-dancehall beat. E-40’s highly enunciated verses are the best here.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Black Ke – “Thirsty”

Dirty sounds restrained, at his most coherent… while rapping about vampires. Appropriate somehow.

Most of the rest of the songs are pop-dance and sound about 10 years late, DJs what, trance who, etc etc etc. The two Ramin Djwadi cuts (one with RZA) are both good, though.

7 responses to “So some of the tracks on the "Blade: Trinity" soundtrack are pretty good…

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