Some people think swizz beats is all that

Those people are wrong.

I never thought much of the Ruff Ryders shit was all that when I was younger and I still don’t now. RRII had some moments, and DMX had his shit together obviously at some point, before he started becoming a parody of himself and dreaming of Aaliyah. Anyway, for christmas my friends thought it would be funny if they got me a swizz beats instrumental CD. Hilarious.

Yeah this shit is just grand. We had this “electronic music” class back in high school and when the students werent online looking at porn, they were busy making cash money-junior keyboard beats that didn’t sound as horrible as you would think. Anyway, no matter how lazy they got quantizing that shit, it never sounded as bad as the drum breaks from Swizz’ masterpiece “The General (Remix),” presented here in instrumental form:

Swizz Beats – The General (Remix) Instrumental

Those drum breaks are fucking killer. To be fair, Swizz has the occasional shining moment. I think my favorite beat of his so far is that Yung Wun track “Tear It Up,” which does that whole Destiny’s Child marching band steez, except better. I like that T.I. single OK, and “Money Cash Hoes” is pretty hot for a dude messing around with a casio. But seriously, compare this tinkly late 90s NYC beats to any of the crazy-ass bounce-bling-house shit that Mannie Fresh was doing in New Orleans and it just comes up empty. My friends used to download Swizz instrumentals in the days of Napster just to laugh at them, no joke.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a good time, check out this mixtape shit here, it’s worth the money because these beats are pretty entertaining. I can just see dude sitting at his keyboard hitting the drums all out of sync and having the computer quantize that shit on the wrong beats.

Here’s another track for fun, this was the instrumental to Cam’ron’s “Glory.” It’s pretty weak as well.

2 responses to “Some people think swizz beats is all that

  1. Hatery! The Swizz production technique is so genius because it IS completely wrong and oddly quantized. Some idiot savant shit. The TI single, that Game/Flip/Cassidy song, and the new one “I’m A Hustler” are all bananas – so much so that you have to wonder whether or not dude just stepped his game up, or hired a ghost producer (don’t tell Bol…)

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