Kimmie Fresh And The People!

Yeah another 75 Girls release, this time its Kimmie Fresh. She was a young lady from Oakland who released a record in 1988 as a rebuttal to Too Short’s Freaky Tales. I guess the fucking ladies wanted to check the dudes for thinking they could get their dick sucked at the drop of a dime. She never released anything after this record dropped so who knows what the fuck happened to her. I don’t really know who the fuck produced this record either. The back says its produced by Dean Hodges, Jerry Hodges, Kimmie Fresh and Kenneth Hollywood Houston. But then in the liner notes she shouts out some dude Verndell Dodson as her “number one Beat Master.” There doesn’t seem to be much info on her and I don’t know anyone who knows anything about her besides that she released this record so yeah if you want more info on her you’re fucked.

“Cold buggin in the place to be ’88 style!”
That is the last line in Kimmie’s liner notes and that pretty much sums up her whole sound. This shit is about tight as fuck acid wash jeans, custom leather jackets, 15″s in the back of your Suzuki Sidekick, and rocking your new pair of British Knights with some brand new fatty hoop earings on the way to some fucking mobile dj party.

mp3’s for that ass.

I Love My Microphone
The Crowd Be Loving Me
The Real Freaky Tales The Girl Story
Don’t Let That Be The Reason

2 responses to “Kimmie Fresh And The People!

  1. Thanks for the oakland history lesson…. from a native…

    That’s Lake Merritt in the backround, which is basically in the middle of the city between East Oakland, West Oakland and North Oakland. (there is no neighborood called “south” Oakland btw)

  2. the person posting this album call me at 510-395 6649 because i have info on kimmie fresh she is my mother

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