Merry muthafuckin Xmas

So my friend E hooked me up with some songs from this ridiculous album that apparently someone he knows got from a truckstop. It came out in 1990 and it is some of the most badass christmas jams you’ve ever heard. Shit is fucking off the wall.

Crew X – Deck the Halls

OK “Deck the Halls” is pretty much a completely straight-ahead rendition of – guess which song – deck the halls. Except, you know, rapped over what passed for a “beat” back when they dreamed this shit up. Oh yeah and he raps about his “gay apparel,” how neat is that.

Even better yet –

Crew X – Santa Rap

Then E sent me this track and I was amazed – I heard this song back when I was a kid because we had this tape that had all kinds of weird-ass christmas music on it and I remember banging this when I was like 7 and i thought it was sort of dorky but it was the closest thing i had to rap back then. Until I bought my Kris Kross tape but thats a post for another time. Anyway this song is fucking fantastic and if you get one christmas song this year make it this one.

3 responses to “Merry muthafuckin Xmas

  1. Oh my God…Oh my God…Oh my God…falalalalalala
    Hoo Ha!

    Deck the Halls is one of the funniest shits of all time. This song will be getting heavy rotation this Christmas…four comedic purposes only, of course.

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