Jesus Walks = Ghostwritten

He eats pieces of shit for breakfast

I have it on good confidence from my Indianapolis Bureau Chief chiseven that Kanye West’s Grammy-nominated hit single "Jesus Walks" was actually written by an Indianapolis MC (originally from Chicago) back in the mid ’90s, who then sold it to Kanye. Now obviously, there are all kinds of implications with regards to Kanye’s Grammy eligibility if this turns out to be true, but, of course, my main concern is with the integrity of the music business. If Milli Vanilli had to give theirs back (admit it, you liked that song), then Kanye shouldn’t get one in the first place. My next step in this investigation will be to contact Kanye’s mother, whom I correspond with on a regular basis, for a statement, and also to try and track down the guy who’s the actual writer. If the information I have turns out to be true, then I guess my next step would be to contact the American Society of Recording Arts and Sciences to have Kanye’s name removed from eligibility, perhaps even permanently, and to get in touch with Suge Knight about getting our buddy in Indianapolis his fair compensation for his work and, of course, a little bit for myself.


You could’ve read this yesterday on my site.

10 responses to “Jesus Walks = Ghostwritten

  1. jesus walks was written by Rhymefest, a chi mc, who had an album coming out onROC, but his deal fell through, now he has signed an 8 albm (?) multi milion dollar deal with J records. kanye actually said this at a concert i was at like a year ago he said “now, i wanna bring out the man who wrotejesus walks with me.. Rhymefest!” and they did the song together.
    this is kinda old news

  2. speaking as a Native Chicagoin…..everyone’s known for some time that Kanye didnt completely write that himself….Fest only wrote one verse…if you payed attention to his wordplay you’d figure out which verse Kanye didnt write. Oh, and Fest was never signed to The ROC……bu he does get hype as fuck when he performs.

  3. i read in an interview about kanye mentioning another writer for the song…if he was parading around saying he did it alone then maybe it’s controversial, otherwise not a big deal…it’s common knowledge that jay z wrote “still” for dre yet no one thought he was phony for it…in the end it’s a good song…as is jesus walks…

  4. Actually only the first lines were the same, it was originally BOTH Kanyeezy & Rhymefest on the track, & both started they verses wit “You know what the Midwest is? Young & Restless…” then went ta they verses.
    Many years go by & Kanye now has a deal wit the Roc & wants that song/verse that he wrote hella years ago ta be a single & Club Anthem. Rhyme’s wasn’t bout Jesus. Rhyme’s verse got taken off & after leaking ta mixtapes for couple months, Yeezy fashioned hisself a spanking NEW verse bout the fact that everybody was saying “They won’t play songs bout Jesus, don’t even try”…

    There you have the truth. Milli Vanilli hardly. Kanye even had the decency ta tryta get his boy sum shine from it too by telling the truth that they co-wrote the first line hella years before. Stand-up guy.

    PS. ta the cat that said his friend was singing the chorus 2 years ago,–you mean the first line right? Or do you actually mean your friend was signing the Gospel sh*t???

  5. Great Post but was not what I was looking for. But you really have a gread blog here. Keep it going.

    I’ll stop back every so often to see new updates maybe something will interest me in the future.

    Have a good day.

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