EL-P & Ghostfac

Yeah when I saw the link I just thought “HOW IN THE FUCK”

but yeah click this shit before it’s gone because its hot as fuck.

El-P and Ghostface Killah- H.Y.F. – The el-p mix version

word on the street is that the original was a Prefuse73 version and it will appear on his album. I guess El-p recorded this version. You’ll have to excuse the sound quality the song was recorded off an internet radio stream.

editted for Anonymous Correctness

4 responses to “EL-P & Ghostfac

  1. This is from hip hop site:

    Reports have surfaced within the last week that Ghostface Killah – the underground’s champion of the mainstream – will be collaborating on separate projects with both El-P and MF Doom. And why not? Both emcee/producers have that rugged sound that Ghost has always embraced throughout his career, especially Doom, who has the same affinity for sampling early Marvel read-a-long records and 60’s superhero cartoons.

    Definitive Jux’s website reported this week that El-P joining Ghostface Killah for Prefuse 73’s “H.Y.F. (Hide Ya Face)”, which will be taken from the forthcoming Prefuse album due 2005 on Warp Records. The song features Ghost and El trading verses over a beat produced by Prefuse, and there is also a completed El-P produced remix, which may also appear on the album or perhaps the 12inch single.

    Meanwhile, details of a Ghostface / MF Doom collaboration are still under wraps, but Doom confirmed that the two are working together on BBC Radio last week, but did not go into further detail. Of course there has always been that Doom Vs. Ghostface “marvel team-up” LP we’ve all dreamed about, but with Doom also supposedly working on separate full-length projects with Prince Paul, DJ Danger Mouse, KMD, Lil Sci, and others, it may be a while before this collaboration ever sees the light of day.

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