The Mudkids

The Mudkids were a group of out of Indianapolis that consisted of cHoc Sorreal and DJ Elp Mass. Apparently they came together in 1993 but their first release, 4trackmind, didn’t drop until 1998. I forget why I brought the album, it was 98 and there was all kind of indie shit dropping. I remember on fridays I would ditch class and head down to the record store to cop all kinds of cds I barely knew anything about. As long as they were in the rap section I was willing to peep.

The cover is pretty fucking lowbudget and overall just looks like total shit but whatever. cHoc Sorreal has this low voice but he raps with a lot of vocal fluctuations. You can totally tell that he has been heavily influenced by Freestyle Fellowship. The album has a very laid back feel to it, at moments it sounds like they’ve borrowed some sounds from the Roots’ “Do You Want More?” album, specifically the track Mash It Up. A majority of their topics are on the whole third eye awarness of hiphop spirituality shit, which in 98 wasn’t played out as fuck yet.

The Mudkids followed up 4trackmind with “Upwards.” I never listened to their second album though. The title just sounded to Jesus rap to me and I wasn’t about to chance it. 4trackmind has some “spiritual” tones to it but I can deal with it.

Rap Can Do

Serpents Inna Mi Garden feat Arrange & Kontent

Water To Earth

The reason I posted this is because in 1998 I really like this album but I lost it some years back. Only reason I got to thinking about it again was because I came across it on soulseek and decided to download since I hadn’t heard it in a while. It has been like 5 years since I’ve played the album and its cool but its not anything special. Well not special to me anymore. The sound and style has been done to death and I don’t really give a fuck about rapping about third eyes anymore. 98 doesn’t feel as though it was that long ago but when I go back and actually think about what I was doing and listening to then it seems ancient times. Back then I was still trying to hold on to the 4 elements true hiphop bullshit ideology. Goddamn you KrsOne, your preaching still haunted me even then. It pisses me off that I bought into that shit because it made my waste my goddamn time and money listening to fucking crap ass artists like LMNO because they were “real hiphop.”

oh well, fuck this bullshit.

8 responses to “The Mudkids

  1. “Fuck these dudes. They some ‘mos that hate on my indy white bols. Fuck ’em.”

    what in the fuck are you talking about? you got a nerd rap beef story? Did anyone get shot? Or better yet did anyone cry?

  2. these cats came to my school my junior year and did a show. I didn’t see it, but they dropped off about 50 copies of their wax. it had some track with a ridonkulous hawaiian sounding sample and it shouted out God. it was pretty good.

  3. I’m from Indy and have followed these guys for a while. Upwards is actually pretty dope (better than 4trackmind, more cohesive and some great beats). Definitely more of the same style. And they had a third one, Higher, which wasn’t quite as good. Upwards is worth checking though. Anyway,in case you were wondering. cHoc is a radio DJ in Indy now (as far as I remember).
    Really enjoy the blog.

  4. The Mudkids are alive and well. In addition to cHoc Soreel and the demi-god DJ, Elp-Mass, the ‘kids are now featuring a third. MC Skittles drops monotone, EPMD-type lyrics that complement cHoc’s variable style.

    Rumor is they have just penned a deal for album #4. They are headlining at “The Patio” one on Indy’s premire live music venue on New Year’s Eve 2004/2005.

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