The 10 Best MCs of 2004

I’m gonna rock the mike till you can’t resist

Best MCs and rappers of 2004

A lot of MCs told us they were the best this year and they can’t all be right. Before any fights broke out, the Shrimp volunteered to determine the winner by asking the true voice of hip-hop – Internet blog readers – to name the 10 best.

Any MC or rapper who was active this year – singles, albums, mixtapes, whatever – is eligible. All genres – Grime, reggaeton, dancehall and of course hip-hop. Send your votes to:

If you have any questions about how this works, post them in the comments area below.

We’ll send a gold-plated shrimp to the winning MC. Well, not really, but we totally would if we had the cash.

making beats, getting high, chasing freaks

Best producers of 2004

It would be a shame to recognize the MCs and ignore all the hot beats that paved their road to success. So while you’re at it, let us know who the top five producers of 2004 were. Best beats, best remixes, best trademark exclamation over the intro – however you wanna throw it.

If it isn’t put in any particular order, we’ll just number it 1-10 (or 1-5 for producers) from top to bottom.

Just send it all to


6 responses to “The 10 Best MCs of 2004

  1. I still have to vote for that actually; I bet there’ll be some ppl who don’t end up voting till the last minute too. (like me)

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