Southern Smoke 15

Get this shit here. Or at some other site, who cares.

Hosted by Slim Thugggggaaaaaa its better than his album I guess but not as good as I was hoping. Slim drops some great verses, some average verses over the hottest beats of the year, plus a couple remixes, an inexplicable Shaq traq, and some hot cuts from this year’s hot albums.

3. Make Way For The Boss – DJ Smallz & Slim Thug

Hot opening, Slim Thug sounds really genuinely happy to be where he’s at; everything’s starting to pay off. I’m gonna guess this is Serg’s favorite Houston rapper and this song makes it sorta easy to see why.

7. Easy To Scare (The Lil’ Flip Beef Explained) – T.I.

“I’m finna show ya the meaning of game’s over when me and this flame throwa will aim at ya range rover/ ya friends turn their faces and playin’ like they don’t know ya.”

T.I. comes hard yet again at Lil Flip and I’d be sort of annoyed at how its like beating a dead horse at this point, but … god damn he really came hard at Flip and as long as it keeps him creative and then I guess I’m cool with it. “You’re career be as long as the rest of this song” BLAM. But seriously like every fucking T.I. song on mixtapes could have (T.I. Dissin’ Lil Flip) as a part of the title.

8. Supa Man (Remix) – Bone Crusher & Shaquille O’Neal

Why? But seriously, he’s better than Ron Artest.

11. I Don’t Give A Fuck – David Banner & Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is here for some reason but its a great song despite this, and he pretty much does the hook. Cool marching band-like David Banner beat (I think) but David Banner’s verse is pretty fucking killer. Its too bad they seriously fucked up the timing between releasing his two albums, but his timing may have been pretty good afterall because he’s not gonna be all overexposed like Lil Jon. Although not being a caricature probably helps too.

14. Do The Damn Thing – Fabolous & Young Jeezy

“Yeah I made crack grams but ain’t a damn thing funny/ I keep a pocket full of do-the-damn-thang money.” This song is kinda good.

16. Fuckin’ Around – Trick Daddy Feat. T.I. & Young Jeezy

One of the best songs on one of the best albums of the year what more can I sayyyyy. Oh yeah, T.I. disses flip again.

23. 26’s – Chingy & Lil’ Wayne

dlk talks about this song here but I don’t really like it. The beat is annoying and it has an absurd chorus, bad absurd not Cam’ron lyrics absurd. And Lil Wayne does a great job mixing his newish flow with the classic lil wayne sing-song thing but crap this song is gonna be a hit isn’t it?

26. Anything (Remix) – Devin The Dude Feat. Rick James

I like the original but I thought it was an odd choice for a single. This version is fucking ace though. I’m not really overly familiar w/ Rick James but I assume this was a sample that couldn’t be cleared for the album so it was used here. Or maybe he was dropping mixtape exclusives right before he died. Whatever this song is fucking great.

27. Spend Some Time – Stat Quo Feat. Eminem & 50 Cent

This song is too rock’n’roll for me with a standard blah Eminem goth-beat. Stat Quo has a goofy verse. One of the better 50 verses this year – it sounds all conversational and as usual he doesn’t really sound particularly invested in it, hiding his feelings behind an aura of cool. Lots of people hate “Disco Inferno” but to me its just pleasently treading water, a cool track with a pretty nice beat. Eminem’s singing is fucking annoying.

29. Package Of Power – Lil’ Flip & Pharrell

When does the moratorium on Pharrell hooks start? Getting the Neptunes is such a money thing now, like you get your label deal, you get your chain, then you call up Chad and Pharell, then you buy some new fronts…. As anyone who’s heard the Slim Thug album knows, the less Pharrell in H-Town the better.

31. So Incredible – Slim Thug Feat. Jazze Pha & Cee-lo

Best Slim Thug verse on this whole mixtape (more clever lines than any of the others anyway, “You can catch me in the shopping mall, ridiculous bags/ check my restroom trash, all I do is pop tags/…/slim shows and tells so these hoes know me well/ i been closing candy doors since pac was in jail”) over classic-sounding Jazze Pha beat with organs and blues-y guitar licks and a hot chorus. Such an incredibly feelin, in this past year I done made me a million.

33. Doin’ It – King Terra & Young Bleed

um this beat is fucking great. Random-ass No Limit inclusion (Young Bleed is from No Limit and his voice is the second verse, slow, slurred and grainy sounding.) I assume this beat is by Kenoe? I have no fucking clue. Whatever this beat is hot. Oh and I don’t know much about King Terra except that he has a website and his verse seems decent enough.

Other tracks. How weird is it to hear Doug E. Fresh on a southern smoke mixtape? There’s also a Pac track from Loyal to the Game, a bunch of tracks from Crunk Juice…this was sort of average on the whole. Why didn’t slim thugga get a “Like a Boss” remix or something on this? The verses on “Texas Stomp!” weren’t as good as I was hoping, bun-b on autopilot (although he’s had enough great veteren verses this year to fill up an entire mixtape of his own), Mike Jones reminds us about his phone number, etc. Anyway I spent way too much time typing about one of the more average Southern Smoke releases, go get the one w/ Chamillionaire or Bubba Sparxxx.

6 responses to “Southern Smoke 15

  1. I think my biggest issue with that Trick Daddy album is that the rest of the album just doesn’t compare to “Fuckin’ Around.” If the rest of the tracks were even close to that it would be the best album of the year, or top three at least. The others are good, but “Fuckin’ Around”… damn.

  2. well I wouldn’t say slim is my absolute favorite, I like the dude but favorite? naw, I’m not ready to get locked into that just yet. I guess I need to post about other rappers.

    I’d actually have more of an opinion on this mixtape if actually sent me mine. shit has been on backorder for weeks and those dicks haven’t told me shit.

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