"Hip-Hop Giants" on the bbc

Go here and check out streams of Grand Wizard Theodore, Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier spinning records live in the UK. Hot shit.


At 21 son was readin’ him, mesmerized, respect, not jockin’ him…

I know Gov’t Names is like a “group blog” but it seems like its turned into dlk’s blog – with all respect due to Al – because that kid is just killing shit day in day out. I mean, me and the guys here like to talk about songs we like, say shit like “this song is dope” and just try to highlight stuff most people don’t talk about (its kinda ironic that I’m posting this along with a Premier mix but whatever fuck you) but I have a lot of respect for dlk, who has become one of my favorite hip-hop writers. Not to ride his jock but he knows what he’s talking about and more importantly – cuz fuck authenticity – he knows how to translate his enthusiasm through his writing better than I ever have. I mean, I’m all excited about Lil Weavah now and I haven’t even heard him yet.

All that said and done you know the shrimp is still number one.

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