The Game = A less charismatic 50 Cent

The Game

Talk about manufactured hype! This kid’s album is not even coming out until… Shit, I’m not even sure when this kid’s album is coming out. But he’s already got all kinds of features in magazines and on (where I snagged this gay looking photo – put a shirt on, bitch!), hell, he’s even got his own cell phone commericial with my two other favorite rappers right now, Kanye West and Ludacris. I’ll admit his first single is pretty dope, but would it have been any less dope if it was Bol featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent? I’m not saying the dude’s completely untalented, I’m just saying.

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2 responses to “The Game = A less charismatic 50 Cent

  1. Well I don’t think the game sucks but yeah he’s not anything to write home about. dude is pretty stale. You know my problem with Game and this applies to all those G-unit underlings is that all those motherfuckers come off like generic 50cent reproductions. Loyd Banks being the most boring rapper ever. But like Yung Buck dude doesn’t really bring it that hard with the southern shit. Game doesn’t sound like he’s from LA either. All these fools just sound like mediocre rappers from new york. How the fuck are you going to rapping about compton when you sound like you’re from queens. Shit doesn’t work.

    What bothers me the most is that motherfuckers think they have to come with some bullshit NYC approved flow to get over. Shit the biggest shit out of the west right now is fucking the Game and Guerilla Black, a motherfucking Biggie knock off. Fuck that shit. NYC is not the goddamn alpha omega of hiphop music. It bothers me that nyc controls shit like it does but what makes shit worse is that people buy into that bullshit. Motherfuckers just need to rap and stop letting new york dictate what the fuck they are suppose to sound like.

    I don’t give a fucking shit what Hot97 plays or what the fuck fools in brooklyn listen too. I’m not from there and I don’t give a shit about people from nyc. I want to hear a motherfucker rapping about what they know and with their own goddamn style.

    Its like that fucking vh1 hiphop special shit. It’s the story of hiphop from NYC’s(defjam’s) perspective. The early shit is cool but motherfuckers don’t pay attention to anything outside of what was going down in NYC. Sure NWA and those affiliated with dre get a shout but thats it. No one talks about Too Short and what he was doing in the bay. Fuck did they even discuss miami bass? Fucking shit they didn’t even mention native tongues.

    aw fuck now I’m just rabbling but yeah, fuck new york.

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