Motherfucking Rap Music

Big Dinero Entertainment presents….. E.S.G. & Slim Thug – Getcha Hands Up

I first heard this song back when I was still living in Arizona and DJ Stef, hit me off with a link to her friend’s radio show in Texas . I had heard the show a few times and thought it was pretty cute. I didn’t know that I would start listening to it faithfully or that I would move to san francisco to live with Dj Stef. But yeah, that song bumps and it was also the first time I ever heard of some north Houston rapper by the name of Slim Thug. This song is the song that got people checking for the Boss Hogg Outlawz, well within the state of Texas anyways.

“When I smile hoes grin, they be like Mike Jones can you say your name again”

Mike Jones, Mark G, Lil Ken – who

Fast forward a few months later and I was tuning in one night only to hear some motherfucker who kept yelling out his phone number and name. This obnoxious bastard keep hollering about how his album was about to drop. Fast forward a couple years and we still haven’t heard shit from that dude. But the following day I got on kazaa and found this cut with Mike Jones, Mark G and Lil Ken rapping over Busta Rhymes’ Make It Clap beat. I love when Lil Ken tells fools they are feminine like a slow jam. They just rip the shit out of this beat. I fucking love it.

“I’m that nigga with my hand on my dick for the fuck of it, I’m that nigga bumping gangsta rap loud cause I love this shit”

Al Kapone – I’m Tha Nigga

I think it was like June of 2002 when I tuned into damage control and they had Al Kapone on the phone talking about getting signed to Sik Wid It. Al Kapone and E-40 collaborated on the song Gorilla Milk which damage control played that night and I thought about uploading but prior to the interview they played I’m That Nigga and fucking shit it doesn’t get much crunker than that song. Oh and if you’re wondering what Gorilla Milk is well its brandy and premixed mudslide mixed together to create one hell of a calcium packed drink.

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