Fuck you Ice Cube

Who the fuck is that? It’s Ice Cube motherfucka

He’s a maniac, no I’ma fool motherfucka

Old school motherfucka, blow through a motherfucka

What you heard about a nigga so true motherfucka

See I’m ugly and prettay, I’m polished and grittay

Shoot better than that nigga that tried to kill 50

See, niggaz get shittay when I come to their cittay

When I hit the spot that bitch they like — she cummin’ with me

Cause I got an ego big as TO, but I’m not an Eagle

Bitch, I roll with Rigo ’cause gangstas don’t dance we boogie

I told you motherfuckas Kobe didn’t take that pussy

Get money, get paid, you can beat that shit

Even if the DA is a piece’a shit

Colorado got movatos, don’t eat that shit

Another White bitch lyin’ on thee Black dick

I keep it flippin’ like flapjacks, pimpin’ like black ‘Lacs

Give niggaz flashbacks, they sweaty as ass cracks

When I hit the tarmac, it feel like a carjack

Niggaz get out and vanish like Star Treks

So fuckin incredible, I’m so fuckin’ credible

No matter what happen, I’ll never turn federal

And that’s my report comin’ straight from Cali

Ice Cube is the shit on this motherfuckin’ Grand Finale

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