Cooking With Trick Daddy

Well according to Trick Daddy is talking to MTV about having a motherfucking cooking show. Apparently he just finished taping the pilot for them. Now I don’t know about you but this shit sounds fucking brilliant to me. I have actually toyed with the idea of a hiphop cooking show myself. It would be like rap, a case of beer, and fire. With those ingredients I figured I could make a fucking awesome show. But alas the almighty Trick Daddy has stolen my dream. I can only hope that he shall be able to do my vision justice because if not I’m going to kick that motherfucker’s ass.

“I’ll probably have a lot of rap cats come on up,” said Trick. “You know a lot of n*ggas think they know how to cook. I’ma show you how n*ggas f*ck up and burn eggs. And have the shells in them.”

Trick also refuses to cook chiltins “Because chitlins smell like a dirty ass.” Thats fucking great. I just hope that he steps up and starts calling other fools out. I would like to see Trick Daddy on the Iron Chef punking the shit out of soft ass Bobby Flay. Food Network ain’t got shit on motherfucking Dade County.

4 responses to “Cooking With Trick Daddy

  1. >Now I don’t know about you but this shit sounds fucking brilliant to me.

    Agreed. Supposedly E-40 is a great cook too. I mean, obviously the guy likes to eat.

  2. Trick Daddy Cooking?!@?$$? I think that’s a horrible idea- I mean in that one joint he made with Big Boi he rapped about eating Mayonnaise sandwiches! …What they (the TV Execs) should do is get rappers to talk about their favorite places to eat in various Cities. Now that’s something I can believe… ’cause you know Rappers dont take the time to cook.

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