I ain’t playin’ witchoo

Tone Tone – I Ain’t Playin Witcha

There isn’t much on this cat out there on the web right now but his big song is “I Ain’t Playin’ Witcha” and it’s a pretty hot dirty south banger – except its not from the south, its from this guy Tone Tone who is 18 and from Detroit. There’s one article from the Metro Times and also Andy Kellman’s blog but that’s all I could find. This song is building pretty quick, it sounds to me like if Timbaland produced “I Smoke I Drank” or something. Lyrically its all about his hustle, getting money, and how he gets girls at the club.

“I don’t curse,” he says. “Not because of any political reason. It gives me a bigger audience. I had to sit down and think, ‘How can I sell records without cursing?’ I don’t say the ‘N’ word, either. By not using it, I get to perform any song off my record anywhere.”

Yeah whatever dude just knows his moms is listening. Nah I’m playing its a hot track. I can’t imagine this song being anything but huge in a month or so – building from the ground up. And now this cat is opening for T.I. and Nas. Can’t knock the hustle.

Here’s another cut from the album, it’s called “Pimps and Players.” Its more amateurish but I like it, smooth Pac imitiation and catchy production.

Tone Tone – Pimps and Players

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2 responses to “I ain’t playin’ witchoo

  1. as a person from the D I am into positive young brothers and sisters getting their minds out the streets and doing anything to make themselves a career.

    I like some of Tone Tone’s songs and only some because I have yet to hear the whole album.

    I’m more of a hip hop head but for a young guy writing he’s good. I haven’t heard a person like HE WACK I HATE HIM.

    Nah because he shows the D love and he is trying not to go out there and curse or drop the N bomb in every line.

    Your right too i can’t find barely anything on this cat from the net. That’s messed up but that just goes to show you that if your not Eminem or something you get no air play in Detroit. STILL!

    313 love

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