Some Houston Shit For You Fat Motherfuckers

I recorded last night’s Damage Control show, again.Click Here to download. or this link is a slightly longer version it has a few extra minutes at the beginning and some of the Late Night Snacks show that comes after Damage Control.

The show starts off with a diplo mix because next week diplo is performing at a show in Houston that is being thrown by Matt. Early in the show Matt expresses a little bit of frustration about certain rappers in Houston who have fucking deals but are being a bunch of fucking soft bitches on some goddamn jr high drama bullshit. Seriously its like dudes are mad because no one told them they were the prettiest girl at the dance. Motherfuckers need to come off that bullshit and just concern themselves with making some goddamn music.

In other news there is a new Geto Boys Video that you stupid fucks need to be watching instead of celebrating genocide.

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