T.I. – Urban Legend

Yesterday I was at the Bankhead Courts Complex in Atlanta on trial for murder but fortunately my best friend T.I. hooked me up with a lawyer and a CD. I broke out the trap and now I have to tell you about the CD. There are fair amount of guests on this shit such as Mannie Fresh, Nelly, B.G., Pharrell, P$C(not of LL fame), Big Kuntry, Lil Wayne, Daz, Lil Kim, and Trick Daddy. Nelly, Pharrell and Lil Kim shouldn’t even be on this album and neither should the songs they are featured on. Lil Kim’s guest spot isn’t even a guest spot really she just says a couple bars in a song about homeboy needs to get his shit together. Nelly and Pharrell just suck at singing/rapping so fuck them fools. The joint with Nelly is “Get Loose” which is on some get your eagle on bullshit that is stupid.

Those of you that still watch music videos have probably seen the “Bring Em Out” video which is cute and all. The build up in that song is on some shake your ass like you’re crazy in love or some shit type sound. It’s cute and all but my favorite part of that video is the end when they play that short clip of a video for “You Don’t Know Me.” Now that joint is my shit. I usually get tired of repetitious rap songs like that where fools repeat one line over and over through out the song. But this shit is fucking dope. Mostly because I just love T.I.’s delivery during the course of the song. It isn’t some crazy “lyrical dragon swordsmanship” but dude just keep raw and the beat’s menacing sound just makes me want to tell fools they don’t know me.

The fourth track, ASAP, has these horns that have a dope little build up. For some reason it reminds me of a hollertronix mix. The song isn’t really fast enough for some dance party fuckfest it sounds more like the beat could get cute with some downtempo mix.

I was kind of apprehensive about this album since it seems to be getting pushed through really fast in an attempt to bank on Trap Muzik since T.I. was in jail and couldn’t promote that album really. I thought Atlantic might be rushing this album threw with a bunch of halfass joints and just try to make some sales off the strength of his first album. But its good shit and I was actually a little surprised I like it as much as I do. I wouldn’t say its better than Trap Muzik but its a decent follow up.

Ok now this part might be kind of weird for some folks but when I heard track 8 which is “What They Do” featuring B.G. it reminded me of Themselves. Now neither of these fools rap like DoseOne or anything like that but the beat has these horns that reminded me of some JEL beat I heard on The No Music. So I grab my Themselves album and find out the joint I’m thinking of is Dark Sky Demo. The song doesn’t even sound that much like the T.I.’s joint, its not the same sample or anything like that. It’s just that both songs have horns that remind me of beats from early 90’s that had saxophones played by some girl in a hot pink bikini at the beach getting splashed with water. Out of both beats the JEL beat sounds like more of a throwback to the early 90’s while T.I.’s song sounds more like an attempt at updating that sound. Maybe B.G. being on the song influenced it. He could have been on some Rebirth type connection since all that brass band shit has influenced bounce music so much already. Fuck I don’t know, I’m just grabbing for motherfucking straws here trying to make it sounds like there is some connection between these songs. I just think its kind of funny that T.I. reminds of me anticon songs.

ok well fuck all that shit, just download some motherfucking mp3’s. That’s what you’re here for anyways; not to read a bunch of shit that makes no goddamn sense.

T.I. – You Don’t Know Me

T.I. feat BG – What They Do

Themselves – Dark Sky Demo aka a song that doesn’t really sound like What they Do at all.

oh and remember Urban Legend drops November 30th, next Tuesday.

buy it hurr

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