I was thinking about trying to attract more hits to the shrimp by talking smack about the okayplayerhater boards and how difficult those motherfucking threads are to read, but instead we’re going to discuss CRUCIAL CONFLICT.

I’ve posted before about how weird hip-hop from Chicago is but it didn’t get weirder than these guys who released a song called “Hay (In the Middle of the Barn)” that was about smoking weed.

Crucial Conflict – Hay

The song is cool, slow spacey jam with a catchy sing-song hook and this really weird BOING effect that I guess was supposed to make it sound like being in the barn. The rapping is better than I thought it would be when I decided to listen to this track again for the first time in who knows how many years. They remind me of Bone Thugs a bit, minus you know the gimmicky super-fast rapping.

I used to watch this video on The Box when I was home sick back in the day. I remember this kid named Ernest I think who would always say their name real loud in class back in middle school and the teachers would try to hush him but he’d be all “crucialconflict! HAYYYYYY” and the class would laugh. He was always nice to me even though I was a dork, but he was usually more busy antagonizing teachers. I think I remember him saying that his cousin knew one of the guys from Crucial Conflict, but I might be wrong. He was also the first kid I ever knew to get in trouble for smoking weed, back in like 7th grade or something.

I wonder what happened to these guys – they disappeared, as far as I know, fell off the end of the universe. Maybe they still hang out on the west side, talk about their brush with fame. Its weird that they’re always wearing overalls though, looking like the Nappy Roots or something. Anyway, here’s a picture of them not in overalls.

I’ll be gone for a few days visiting family and all that shit – Emil and Serg and Byron and Erick and Maradona will hold it down. You know how we do it at the Shrimp.

Buy Crucial Conflict’s album The Final Tic by clicking here.

5 responses to “Hayyyyyyy

  1. man I never got their whole country gimick. To me country was UGK not a bunch of fools from fucking chicago jumping around in a barn. I did like some of their joints though but the country thing has always came off like bullshit to me. Country is not wearing fucking Guess overalls. To me country is having a fucking horse in the front yard of your shack in south houston.

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