The Jaz don’t stop

EDIT: Due to bandwith issues, I’m taking these mp3s down a little early. Sorry! I’ll probably be using YouSendIt in the future, at least until these issues are cleared up. I hope everyone enjoyed The Jaz mp3s. Any questions to the comments section. The Shrimp is ad-free, so don’t bitch. thnx.

Ya Don’t Stop

So I can’t claim credit for this discovery, this came about thanks to Michael aka “Bulbs” from ILM. Dude is from Australia but he managed to send me a copy of this unfortunately forgotten should-be classic (Your CD is in the mail, by the way.) Production on this 6-track EP comes from Mark the 45 King, Large Professor, and Prince Paul, according to AllMusic.

Yes, this is that Jaz of “Hawaiian Sophie” fame. Well, dude was holding it down, its too bad his recent stuff is so uneven. I doubt he realized at the time he was recording this that his disciple Jay-Z (er…”Jay Zee”) would go on to be the biggest rapper in the world.

Anyway I’ve uploaded three tracks from Ya Don’t Stop, check all three, they’re great.

The Jaz – Sign of the Crimes

This song is one of those great early 90s tracks that manages to be both a burner and a banger; tempo is hella fast and the drums are really hard too. The filtered bass fades out real quickly in the middle of the bar with sudden horn hits and the Jaz ripping over the beat until the chorus when Mark the 45 king brings in this weird distorted instrumental sample. I like when everything drops out but the drums and Jaz just rips some crime stories over it. This is the part where I say I can’t believe this came out in 1991.

The Jaz – A Groove (This is what U Rap 2)

I disagree with our friends at AllMusic about this track. They diss it but I think its a great example of that chill breakbeat funk. Its in that sorta corny early 90s braggadocious style, like “When I get a brainstorm, I start housing like a school dorm,” etc. but its endearing and allmusic claims its self-produced. The beat starts out sorta straightforward with soothing flutes on the chorus but about halfway through this sample of some smooth disco strings or barry white strings or love boat strings come in and it sounds all orchestrated and awesome – it hits this cool groove and Jaz sings “Who made the funky break so BAAAAD….” This song is really awesome.

The Jaz – It’s That Simple feat. Jay-Z

This song has a great wurlitzer-sampling funk groove produced by Prince Paul, but its also got some early Jay-Z. (yes…Jay-Z over Prince Paul!) I think its really interesting to see how far he’s come; consider this the companion piece to Original Flavor’s “Can I Get Open” and of course “Hawaiian Sophie.”

“Freestyle rhymes are easy to come by!” Jay had to drop the lighthearted steez and grab for the edgier street stuff to make it big. Biggie and Puffy made that possible, I guess. Guys like Jay thought they had to be all positive to get cash. Times change. This is a great track.

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  1. Cool blog, duly bookmarked. Damn, just heard the Jaz tracks at Soul Sides, but I missed your tracks over here. Any chance you could swing a YouSendIt on them?

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